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PGA Video Production STE

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Living in a town like State College, PA can present some challenges for companies looking for quality video services. If you’re looking for great big city production, flying in a team can break the bank. Black Sheep Media House uses local talent to accomplish big agency production at a reasonable price point. The Black Sheep Media House team consist of a network of audio techs, video editors, filmers and producers all with one goal in mind.. to deliver a great final product. Black Sheep Media House recently worked with Penn State to produce videos for the PGA Management Program. Rather than fly in a team from Atlanta, we were hand picked to tell their story.

Who can benefit from our work? Realty Company videos in State College, Product Videos In PA, New Store Introductions, Local Businesses in NJ, PA, NYC, Philadelphia.

Remember, the best way to find out more is to contact us here.

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The Art Of The Music Video

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Music videos can be grueling from pre-production to the final stages of editing. Understanding what steps to take in order to maximize concepts and deliver the good is key, please check out Black Sheep Media House portfolio to understand the caliber of video work we provide. Here are some behind the scenes photos to show the craziness. 

Who can benefit from our work? Realty Company videos in State College, Product Videos In PA, New Store Introductions, Local Businesses in NJ, PA, NYC, Philadelphia.

Remember, the best way to find out more is to contact us here.

Black Satellite – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend [Official Music Video]

Black SatelliteBlack Sheep Media HouseCentral PennsylvaniaHow ToHow To LightHow to make your own Light RigLighting for Video ProductionMusic VideoVideo ProductionVideo Services

Alphaskin adidas Video

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Alpha Skin Shoot

BSMH– How was this Alpha Skin Shoot different from the rest of the Adidas shoots in 2017.
Jorge – This shoot was the second time in 2017 working with Karlie Kloss, it’s funny she’s always so interested in the camera equipment I’m using. She always asks about the DJI RONIN and Sony FS7 setup, and if you know anything about her she is a programmer and loves to work on her own videos. These days she is on every magazine cover you pick up.
BSMH – How does a shoot like this usually go?
Jorge – Well it’s crazy how much preparation goes into shooting what you see on screen. We usually do a test run the day before and figure out lighting, each shoot consists of two photographers and one videographer so using strobes is kept from minimum to sometimes not used at all. This is always tough because you know that photographers love their strobe action.
BSMH – So how does shooting with two photographers work, do you take turns?
Jorge – Take turns??? HAHA NO! We are crawling over each other, the main goal is for the photographers to get their shot and I’m like a ninja in the background. The key is communication communication communication, I have been so thankful to work with three amazing photographers Coty Tarr @cotytarr, Corey Jenkins @coreyjenkinsphoto and Joe Gall @camera_jesus. There are times when Joe was on his stomach and I was standing over him with a super heavy gimbal doing jib shots. It get’s so crazy bet the adrenalin is the best part.
BSMH – Adrenalin? You’re just filming some clips, how hard can it be?
Jorge – We usually only have 1-2 hrs with the talent, and you mess up and miss a shot you may have just destroyed the outcome of the whole campaign direction. So think of it, one chance to get what the client will use to market all over the world.
BSMH – All over the world? Is that what you shoot for?
Jorge – Yes, it’s so crazy!!! Videos like this one are seen globally, by millions and millions of people, some days I have slap myself in the face and say this is my real life. I can’t say I didn’t dream of this over and over again.
BSMH – So what was the hardest part of this shoot?
Jorge – Making sure that I don’t lose track of the direction of the shoot while directing my assistant at each shoot.
BSMH – Wait, you said you’re the only videographer?
Jorge – Yes I’m the DP/Cinematographer, but I always bring an assistant with me. Rather than having them do bitch work, I like to get them involved. It’s a way to give someone an opportunity and if they get a few fantastic shots that I missed we have something amazing to work with and it was all worth it. Plus I like having people I love around, to me it’s all good that we are involved in this industry but family is the key to success.
BSMH – So, what gear do you work with?
Jorge – I’m a gear nerd to start off with, so I’m one of those guys that will drop cash on the latest and greatest as long as I know there are projects lined up. I own two Sony FS7 – one for sticks and one for gimbal setup. I truly love the versatility of this camera and the color profiles are so unlimited that it lends itself to any situation. This camera is so great in low light that it’s perfect for Adidas and every shoot.
BSMH – So what else can you add to this?
Jorge – Ok, this is going to sound crazy. I would say believe in your abilities, believe in your vision and believe in your dreams. Do not ever let anyone crush your goals, and learn to fall over and over again but get right back and dust it off.

Filmer: Jorge Jovel
Camera Assistant: Joyce Young
Sony Fs7 – Slog2
Sony A7S – Slog2
Canon – 70-200 mm f2.8 Lens, 24-70mm f2.8 Lens
DJI Ronin-M

Hanley Ramirez Boston Red Soc

G-Form: Hanley Ramirez is Fearless

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Boston Red Sox, Hanley Ramirez has seen his fair share of injuries since entering Major League Baseball.  Suffering broken ribs from a fastball to the ribs in the 2013 NLCS would be enough to create doubt in the mind of the average player.  Ramirez steps into the batter’s box with confidence knowing G-Form’s line of protection is always there and allows  this Dominican slugger to crush baseballs on a daily basis.

Black Sheep Media House, a video production company based out of State College, PA was brought in on this commerical project to tell the help tell Hanley’s story for G-Form protection.  Shooting on location at Fenway Park, one of baseball’s most iconic stadiums and home of the Green Monster was a treat.

Producer/ Director: Don Hampton DH Productions
Filmer/ DP: Jorge Jovel

Cameras used:
Sony FS7
Sony RX-100V
Canon 24-70mm f2.8
Canon 70-200 F2.8




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Create Your Own Light Rig

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How to make your own homemade light rig for a video shoot.




Yesterday Black Sheep Media House set out on our fourth shoot for Black Satellite‘s up and coming music video.  We wanted to create a dynamic lighting set up that would play well with motion and add another dimension type look.  While many professional lighting rigs would cost thousands of dollars, we set out on a trip to our local Lowes location and built a set up fairly cheap.   Check out our process and some images from our shoot below.

The Completed Lighting Rig

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 – 2×8’s  8′ feet long
  • 24 – LED Tube Lights from Amazon 5,000K temperature
  • 10 – 5 foot long  – 1/2″ PVC Pipes
  • Roll of Gaff Tape
  • 2 – 50′ Long old extension cord
  • 3 – Cans of Black Gloss Spray Paint
  • 1 – 5/8″ drill bit
  • Bag of 50 zip ties

Tools Needed:

  • Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • Utility Knife
  • Wire Stripper
  • Sharpie Marker


Lights break, be sure to order extra bulbs.

Step 1 –  We cut our 2×8 plank into 8×8 inch square sections that will be used for the base of each light stand.

Step 2 – Cut each 5′ long PVC pipe in half leaving us with 20 posts.

Step 3 – Drill each 8×8 wooden base with a hole just deep and wide enough to hold your PVC pipe.

Step 4 -Insert each PVC post into the base and spray paint each black.  (Use gaffers tape to make sure the fit is snug and secure.)

Step 5 – Mark out your extension cord with a sharpie marker in even sections where you would like each one of your lights.  (We measured every 2’6″)

Step 6 – Cut your second extension cord into two foot sections and use a wire stripper to expose both ends of the line so you can splice the connection into your main line for each light stand.

Step 7 – Be careful not to cut yourself (like Jorge) when exposing your main extension cord on the mark that you have made.  Begin to tie in your two foot extensions into your main line.

Step 8 – Be sure to tape each connection individually as your add your wiring extensions.

Step 9 – After adding the base to each LED tube, connect your tube light to your new wiring rig and zip tie each to your previously created base.

Step 10 – Double check that no wires are exposed and each connection is taped individually.

Step 11 – Cross your fingers and plug in your extension cord.


Did you create your own lighting rig using these steps?  If so, we’d love to see it.  Share them on social media and be sure to tag @BlackSheepMediaHouse so we can check them out!  Stay creative!



1.7 Million Views & Counting for adidas Video

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“The Freedom to Move” video shot for adidas has taken off in the YouTube world and seems to be growing daily.  The video featuring adidas’s new Warp Knit collection was shot and produced by Black Sheep Media House on location in NYC.  A fast paced black and white video gives the viewer an up close and personal look at the new line as American fashion model Karlie Kloss puts them to the test.  With 1.7 million views and counting we couldn’t be more excited at the public response on this project.  Will it hit 2 million?

“adidas Warp Knit is the perfect blend of performance, beauty and comfort and keeps me feeling supported in my toughest workouts” – Karlie Kloss

Check out more of the Warp Knit collection by clicking here.

Filmer: Jorge Jovel
Camera Assistant: Jason Cline
Editor: Jorge Jovel
Sony Fs7 – Slog2
Sony A7S – Slog2
Canon – 70-200 mm f2.8 Lens, 24-70mm f2.8 Lens
DJI Ronin-M

Buried with Black Satellite

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We found ourselves in the Pennsylvania woods just outside of State College while filming another scene for Black Satellite’s up and coming music video.  This time, vocalist Larissa Vale wanted to confront an inner fear of being buried alive and we couldn’t wait to turn it into some movie magic.  The setting was perfect as fall had just started in Pennsylvania and leaves littered the ground adding to the look and feel of each clip.  With the help of a fog machine and two stage lights set up just behind some trees, we were able to get some great shadows while enhancing that eerie feel. Safety was always at the forefront for our crew as we could see in Larissa’s eyes that the fear involved with this scene was real.  A huge shoutout to her as she mentally pushed through being completely covered in dirt until each shot was captured perfectly.  Only a few more scenes to knock out and we will be editing this one up.

Keep your eyes open for their new video, dropping soon!

Shooting Underwater with the Sony RX100 Mark 5

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We were overly excited when Black Satellite, a very talented band based out of New York City approached us to shoot a second music video. Band members Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken always bring creative vision, great ideas and think outside of the box when it comes to the things they would like to capture.  One of the ideas discussed involved some underwater shooting in a Pennsylvania lake.  While Pennsylvania has some beautiful waterways and it’s lakes are very beautiful we knew that we wouldn’t be dealing with the crystal clear water of the Caribbean and that we would likely encounter some interesting low light situations.  We quickly grabbed the Sony RX100 Mark 5 and knew it was the perfect sized tool for the job with it’s low profile design, wide dynamic range and 4K video capabilities.  There’s just one problem. If you’re like us, putting any camera under water makes your heart skip a beat.  In comes the Sony Underwater Housing for the RX100 Series Cameras which features water tight dual gaskets and has a depth rating of up to 130 feet.  While we had no intention of diving that deep the housing gave us peace of mind and a design that offered easy access to all our camera’s controls.

Ultimately we were blown away by the shots we were able to capture with this versatile camera and can’t wait to show you the final video.  Until then, check out a few behind the scene shots from our day on the lake.

A special Thank You to Black Satellite for trusting us with their video projects.

Check out the first video project we shot with Black Satellite by Clicking Here.