Meet Jorge A. Jovel

Originally from The Bronx, New York Jorge was a professional BMX competitor and participated in the X-Games and Dew Tour. His passion for the arts and combination of the action sports world has given him an eye for cinematic style of filming. With an Associates degree in graphic design, Jovel founded Jovel Black Sheep Media House, LLC in 2006 with the goal to produce video content that would be eye catching. As Black Sheep Media House, LLC continues to grow the goal has remained the same – High level video Production at a reasonable price.

“Passion and the constant need to learn has lead me to my current talents. I started my limitless visual arts network of some of the most talented designers, editors and filmers through developing relationships with people I trust. Bottom line, I have high expectations for my work and the talent I seek – work ethics are the main talent I look for in the people I work with because these are the same individuals who will help in creating your work.”

-Jorge Jovel

My Skills

Video Production


Motion Graphics


Print Design


Logo Design


Aerial Video


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