Adidas partners with Black Sheep Media House to Promote Women’s Empowerment in Sports

At Black Sheep Media House, we know how to make videos that get attention. From strategic ads for businesses to artistic music videos, we seek to ensure that all our work is eye-catching, memorable, and impactful. We know that a great video doesn’t just advertise, entertain, or inform– a great video makes waves in culture. This International Women’s Day we’re reflecting on one recent project where we got ready to dive in and make waves.

When international sports brand Adidas approached us with the goal of putting the spotlight on women in sports, we knew it was a perfect partnership. The video set out to impact an issue: the underrepresentation of female athletics. While women’s sports continue to grow, a report by UNESCO found that only 4% of sports media coverage in the U.S. is dedicated to women’s sports. We think it’s time to see that change, so we worked with Adidas and DIE ZWEI to create a campaign that didn’t just sell their product, but that made women’s athletics the center of the action. We worked with women’s STEM entrepreneur, philanthropist, and American former World No. 1 professional tennis player to bring awareness to for gender equality and social justice. As an advocate for women’s empowerment and fitness aficionado, Mrs. King set the tone for the campaign. By setting a female with both business acumen and fitness acumen as the focal point of the campaign, we aimed to remind viewers that women really can do anything. The ad set a visible role model for girls in sports and showcased women’s ability to be successful both on and off the field. By highlighting female athletic skills, we hoped to start a ripple effect in women’s equality in the sports industry.

We’re always proud of the video marketing work that we do, but when the drive behind our projects can extend beyond an ad campaign and reach human nature, we’re even prouder. If you have a campaign or movement you’re trying to share, we’d love to work with you to create media assets that bring your message to life.

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